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If you often ride your bike at high speed and makes heavy demands on your brakes, then it's a good idea to install saito sintered metal brake pads in OEM quality. They are high-performance brake pads made by a brand manufacturer with a worldwide reputation. And they're available exclusively from Louis. Similar sintered brake pads are used by motorcycle race teams.

  • High braking efficiency
  • Extreme temperature resistance
  • Short bedding-in time
  • Optimal friction coefficient and deceleration
  • Outstanding wet braking
  • Minimal brake disc wear
  • Made in the EU

Naturally with type approval for Germany. You will find the KBA (German Motor Transport Authority) number on the back of the brake pad.

The exact dimensions of the saito brake pads are given in the "Documents" section.

The price is stated per set for one brake disc.

Be sure to watch the Louis Video *How to change brake pads*. Our tips and tricks make it a very simple job!

To prevent your new brake pads from squealing, ceramic paste is used for sintered brake pads and vehicles with ABS Always make sure that no paste comes into contact with the pad(s)! A more effective and cleaner alternative to copper or ceramic paste is anti-squeal film (Order no. 10004371), which you stick to the reverse of the brake pad. It is suitable for braking systems with or without ABS and for both sintered and organic pads.

Follow the safety instructions printed on the packaging and the motorcycle manufacturer's specifications. Installing incompatible brake pads may cause serious damage to your motorcycle. You should have your new brake pads installed by a professional if you do not have the necessary knowledge for the job.

Please note: Sintered metal brake pads can be used with all steel brake discs. If your bike has cast iron brake discs, you should follow the manufacturer's instructions and the TÜV test certificate or type approval.

Good to know:
Sintering is a special production process, in which up to 15 different metals in powder form are compacted by applying heat (up to 1000°C) and pressure. The result is a very strong pad and a virtually inseparable bond to the backing plate.

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