Enduro and motocross at Louis

Enduro and motocross clothing

The demands placed by motocross on protective equipment are quite different from those of the road. Falling off is simply part and parcel of it. At the same time the speeds are usually considerably slower. So the focus here is less on abrasion resistance and more on impact protection. And because riding on a loose surface also demands bodily exertion, off-road clothing needs to be as cool as possible.

Enduro and motocross helmets

Enduro and motocross goggles

Enduro and motocross gloves

Enduro and motocross boots

Enduro and motocross protectors

Enduro and motocross clothing

Enduro and motocross Equipment

People who play in the dirt can’t help but get dirty. And off-road riding also means more cleaning and care, more maintenance, more repairs, more wear parts and spare parts. So it’s a good thing Louis stocks a huge selection of the things you will need.

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