Casual motorcycle clothing 

Certified protective equipment with a casual look.
Complete safety and everyday appeal.

Safe motorcycle clothing is both important and necessary. It protects us against injuries, the weather and varying temperatures. But admittedly, sometimes it also gets in the way and reveals its lack of suitability for everyday use – at the latest when you also want to do something at your journey’s destination. Wear the leather suit to the office? Or maybe the touring outfit to the concert?  

Wouldn’t it be great to have safe motorcycle clothing that you can also wear normally in everyday life?

No problem! At Louis you get certified motorcycle clothing that doesn’t look like it’s protecting you. There’s something for every style. You’ll cut a fine figure next to the bike and always be safe on the road.


Textile Jackets

Leather Jackets

Joggers, leggings, chinos

City Boots

Invisible protection: How does it work?

Special fibres 

In order to transform everyday clothing into protective motorcycle clothing, we often rely on resistant high-tech fibres. For example, we use abrasion-, tear- and cut-resistant Armalith®, which is produced in combination with UHMWPE fibres from space and military technology. The indestructible, lightweight and heat-resistant DuPont™ Kevlar® fibre is also used; the same goes for the versatile Cordura® fibre. Robust, technical denim with an authentic look and feel, yet at least 4 times more abrasion-resistant than cotton denim of the same weight. Or there’s Dyneema®, an ultra-high molecular fibre that is 15 times stronger than steel at the same weight. Maximum strength with minimum weight.

Tests & certifications 

Whether with or without special fibres: the motorcycle clothing that Louis sells is always tested and certified. This means it has been tested for tear and abrasion resistance according to official specifications, and is classified as personal protective equipment (PPE).

Safety seams 

Our motorcycle clothing always comes with safety seams. With this sewing technique, the material is first sewn with a large overlap. The overhang is then folded again and sewn one more time, resulting in a very hard-wearing and tear-resistant double seam.


A lot has changed in the production of protectors. This now makes it possible to produce protectors with excellent impact absorption values that are nevertheless very thin, soft and flexible. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that what you’re looking at is a real protector. All protectors that you find in our motorcycle clothing are certified and tested. You hardly see or feel them, but they reliably protect you.

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