VAT reimbursement

In countries outside the EU, we deliver your mail orders free of VAT. This does not apply to Switzerland. As a citizen of a non-EU country shopping at a Louis store, the price you pay at the checkout includes German VAT. Read here about how to get the VAT refunded in this case.

Global blue tax free

Conditions for payment of a refund

VAT reimbursement is generally only available for citizens of non-EU countries..

Goods that serve as equipment for or for the maintenance of a private means of transport (e.g. motorcycles, passenger vehicles, station wagons, pleasure crafts, yachts, planes) are excluded from the tax exemption. The affected goods include both motor vehicle parts that are fixed onto the vehicle (e.g. racks, casing parts, replacement parts, crash pads, etc.) and also movable parts used to equip the vehicle e.g. tow-ropes, spare tyres, first-aid box. Goods for the maintenance of a vehicle (e.g. battery acid, cleaner etc.) are also not subject to the tax exemption applicable to exports for non-commercial transport.

Reimbursement by Global Blue

You may declare your purchase using the Tax Free forms at any outlet. The forms allow you to claim the VAT paid less a service fee charged by Global Blue. This is also possible at any Refund Office (at airports and border crossing posts) up until three years after your purchase. You will find the locations of the offices and further information here:

Please note โ€“ the export must have been effected within four weeks of purchase.

The advantage being that after crossing the border you will not need to go back to the outlet in order to reclaim the VAT amount as the reimbursement of the VAT occurs immediately. Advance payouts cannot be obtained at our outlets.

Exception for NATO employees

NATO members may have their VAT reimbursed directly at an outlet on provision of a completed VAT form for the German VAT-exempted goods and a VAT form signed by their office.

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