Tips for biking with youngsters

What could be more rewarding than to inspire your children to share your passion. But it also involves a lot of responsibility because you need to keep them safe.

 Motorradfahren mit Kindern

Rules for biking with youngsters

In Germany, you can only take your child as a passenger on your motorcycle if he or she is able to securely rest his/her feet on the footrests and hold on tightly without any assistance. Otherwise you must install a special child seat and make certain that the child's feet cannot catch in the wheel spokes. In Austria the minimum age for motorcycle passengers is 12 years. A final point that should be obvious, really: you should only consider taking your child on your motorcycle if he or she actually asks you to.


Child seat for motorcycles and quads

  • Safe and comfortable
  • Easy to install
  • Available in two sizes

Kidney belt with integral grips

  • Optimal safety for pillion passengers
  • 4 grips
  • 2 snap-in fasteners

Note: Before you set off, agree a simple system of signals so that your child can give you a message by simply tapping you. Better still: intercoms make it easy to speak to each other without having to stop. Always ride cautiously and smoothly and anticipate situations before they develop. Avoid sudden or fierce acceleration and braking, and maintain a generous safety distance. Start with short trips of around 30 minutes. Make frequent stops to allow your child to get off, stretch his/her legs and relax. Find places to go that are attractive for a child. At regular intervals, ask whether the child is still enjoying it. Listen to what your child would like to do.

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