Outdoor Sky Evo Motorcycle Cover

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Outdoor Sky Evo Motorcycle Cover

Looking for a motorcycle cover you can use both indoors and outdoors? Of course, it must be breathable and not leave any nasty scratches on your paintwork? Look no further! The Louis Sky Evo motorcycle cover is an ideal choice.
When it comes to protecting your bike and keeping it in top condition, you won't be disappointed. The special, 3-layer fabric with breathable membrane wards off all "attacks" from the outside, while the soft texture on the inside is gentle on paintwork, so you can rest assured that your pride and joy is perfectly safe. Don't give wind, weather and corrosion a chance!


  • Central strut and elasticated hem ensure an optimum fit
  • Central securing strap with adjustable snap-in fastener
  • Apertures for a chain lock reinforced with woven tape (chain lock is not included)
  • Material: 100% polyester with PE membrane
  • Colour: Blue with black Louis logos
  • Includes a carrying bag.
  • Available in two sizes - see diagram under "Further images" for dimensions:

Size M:
A: 190 cm, B: 124 cm, C: 79 cm, D: 76 cm, E: 54 cm
Size L:
A: 210 cm, B: 131 cm, C: 95 cm, D: 76 cm, E: 64 cm

Good to know:
Luggage racks, cases, windshields and other sizeable modifications to your motorbike can alter the dimensions considerably, so you may have to select a larger/different cover.

Please note that motorcycle covers with an elasticated hem allow an extra 15-20 cm in the overall length (A). For example, if your motorbike is 15 cm longer than the stated overall length (A) of the cover, that is not a problem.


Product details

  • Elasticated hem: Front and back
  • Grommets for a lock: No
  • Area of use: Indoor AND outdoor use
  • Color: Blue
  • material: 100% polyester with PE membrane

Overview of product features

  • Carrying bag
  • Reinforced openings for chain lock
  • waterproof
  • Cold-resistant
  • securing strap
  • Breathable material
  • Soft inner material
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