Louis PR & partner program

Are you mad about motorbikes? Are you a blogger, influencer or (online) editor? Great, then let’s work together! Here’s the information that you’re looking for.

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Louis Motorrad: We are Europe’s largest retailer of motorcycle clothing and accessories.

We offer you the biggest choice, because no one is bigger than us: We’re currently carrying over 55,000 products from more than 500 brands. That means that, regardless of whether you want to insert a product via a link or use our banner on your own site or feed, with Louis you’ll always be on the right page. You’ll also be glad to know that our multiple-award-winning online store is highly rated for maximum availability, ultrafast delivery and unbeatable service. Anyone who has fans or users throughout the rest of Europe can of course also place links to our local web stores. The multi-award-winning online shop is currently available in Germany & Austria (louis.de & louis.at), Great Britain & Ireland (louis.moto.co.uk & louis.ie), France (louis-moto.fr), the Netherlands (louis.nl), Belgium (louis.be/fr & louis.be/nl), Italy (louis-moto.it), Denmark (louis-moto.dk) and Poland (louis.pl).

The best thing to do is just try out it: Our affiliates programme offers you a wide range of advertising materials, which changes every month, and other promotions that you can easily integrate into your website, blog or feed. Want to see facts and figures? The statistics function offered by our Belboon network lets you easily see how the promotions are performing and what commission is due to you.

Partner programme description

What can we offer you?

  • High brand recognition of the Louis brand
  • Commission of 3–5%
  • 30-day cookie life / 1st party
  • Average basket total > €100
  • Huge range of more than 55,000 products
  • Monthly campaigns with promotions, discounts or voucher codes
  • New banners on a regular basis and product feed updated daily
  •  Commission 30 days after shipment of the order and after returns are deducted

Please note: Only 3% commission if voucher codes are used or products reduced.

Conditions of participation:

  • SEM not permitted
  • Voucher & cashback publisher not permitted
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