SYSBAG 15/15/15 BAG-
SYSBAG 15/15/15 BAG-
SYSBAG 15/15/15 BAG-
SYSBAG 15/15/15 BAG-
SYSBAG 15/15/15 BAG-
SYSBAG 15/15/15 BAG-

SYSBAG 15/15/15 BAG-


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This set is optimally adapted to the rear geometry and exhaust height of the motorbike and includes three SysBag bags: one SysBag 15 for the left side, one SysBag 15 for the middle and one SysBag 15 for the right side. Nothing more is needed to lash them to the motorbike than the loop straps already supplied.

The SysBags combine light weight with robustness, versatility and well thought-out details. All SysBags are made of the military-proven, particularly robust Ballistic Nylon, have a roll closure and an overlapping lid. Additional weather protection is provided by a double PU inner coating and a removable, waterproof inner pocket that is attached to the roll closure with Velcro. Reflective details ensure greater safety in road traffic. After the tour, our SysBags can be carried comfortably using the integrated carry handle or the shoulder strap supplied.

  • Material: 1680D Ballistic Nylon
  • Colour: black/ anthracite
  • Total weight: approx. 3.6 kg
  • Total volume: 45.0 l
Scope of delivery:
3 x SysBag 15
3 x 4 loop straps with SysBag hooks
3 x shoulder straps
3 x waterproof inner pockets
3 x 2 rubber stoppers for the eyelets on the back of the bag
3 x number plate fasteners
3 x paint protection films
Fitting instructions

  • With the separately available adapter plate, the SysBag 15 can also be attached to SLC and PRO side carriers as well as to STREET-RACK, ADVENTURE-RACK or STEEL-RACK luggage carriers with a quick-release fastener.

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