Your LouisCard advantage: 15 % off rider safety training and day tours and 10 % off our cornering training

Professional motorbike training in a friendly atmosphere. For bikers on the road and on the racetrack – with lots of cornering fun. The courses are suitable for beginners, re-starters, “old hands” and racers alike. In summer, courses are run outdoors on your own motorbike, and in winter, indoors on our pit bikes. We also offer a special “only4girls” riding safety training course. Our offer is topped off with guided 1-3 day tours with cornering training through the Deister, the Weserbergland, the Harz and the Kyffhäuser. All with a beautiful attitude to life – the motorbike lifestyle. Simply state your LouisCard number when booking at and you will receive a 15 % discount on the regular price for rider safety training and the day tours, and 10 % on our cornering training.

  • TRACKDAY S Cornering training
  • TRACKDAY S/M Cornering camp
  • TRACKDAY M Gross Dölln, Spreewaldring
  • TRACKDAY L Sachsenring, Oschersleben
  • TRACKDAY XL Tor Poznan, Pannonia Ring
  • PITBIKE Training Indoor/Outdoor
  • STREET DAYS S Rider safety training
  • TOUR DAYS S-L motorbike tours
  • SEMINARS Motorcycle technology/care
  • YOUNGWHEELZ Learn to ride
  • QUALIFICATION Motorbike instructor

... more fun riding your motorbike!

Zweirad Akademie GmbH
Stettiner Str. 18
30890 Barsinghausen, Germany

Phone: +49 (0)1702860658

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