Vanucci presents:

VANUCCI+, the modular and customisable range of motorcycle gear. Flexible, expandable, convertible.

Only buy exactly what you need

The VANUCCI+ modular jackets can be combined as needed thanks to their uniform fit. The jackets are not connected to one another. They are also perfectly wearable individually, as a leisure jacket or weather protection.

Coordinated materials give you just the protection you need. This saves you lots of space in your wardrobe and luggage without leaving you at the mercy of all weather conditions.

What makes up the modular system?

VANUCCI+ includes all components required to clothe motorcyclists from head to toe:

  • high-impact protection that’s of course been certified according to standards, with abrasion-resistant upper material and protectors
  • Three-layer moisture protection with very breathable Sympatex membrane for inner and outer use
  • Protection against the cold with extremely effective Outlast lining and temperature-regulating Outlast phase-change material
  • Accessories for additional comfort and a customised fit

No matter the combination, all the VANUCCI+ modular system components are designed to provide optimum performance when used together. All materials and production comply with Vanucci’s high-performance standards.

Why a modular system?

  • We wanted to create a range capable of adapting to customer needs, with the ability to be added on to and expanded without having to buy everything new. With VANUCCI+, the thermal jacket and climate membrane can also be layered together with a second jacket from the VANUCCI+ system for short trips.
  • We wanted to create added value for our customers by designing all components to also be worn individually. This means that customers don’t only get a thermal liner for their motorcycle jacket but also a warm leisure jacket.
  • And we wanted to make it as easy as possible to have high-quality protective gear. VANUCCI+ always makes sure you get more value for your money with a premium jacket or trousers, which can be further kitted out over time – or not: In any case, customers only pay for the components they really want.
Motorcycle jacket  

Choose from the selection of high-quality VANUCCI+ motorcycle jackets. High levels of wearer comfort and optimal protection, ranging from robust and winterproof to summery and airy with mesh elements.

Climate membrane jacket (inner) 

A flexible addition to your robust protection from rain and wind. Wear the climate membrane jacket under your VANUCCI+ motorcycle jacket or on its own as weather protection.

Climate membrane jacket (outer) 

For extremely wet conditions, there’s the climate membrane jacket to wear as a top layer. It’s easy to pull on and will sit snugly over your VANUCCI+ motorcycle jacket.

Thermal jacket 

This body-hugging thermal jacket is a flexible addition for when the cold hits. Also wearable on its own and particularly smart as your new favourite jacket. Leave your other jackets at home.

VAJ-4 Men’s Textile Jacket 

The first touring jacket in the VANUCCI+ system offers solid features that can be upgraded to a full all-weather jacket if necessary.

  • water-repellent touring jacket with plenty of storage space
  • permanent lining made of 100% mesh polyester
  • width adjustment at hem, waist, upper and lower arm and collar
  • elastic outer material
  • AirVent on chest, back, upper and lower arm
  • high-collared comfort collar with soft finish and retrofittable storm collar
  • short connection zipper, double size system with 2 long zippers
  • 2 waterproof and 2 non-waterproof outer pockets
  • 3 inside pockets , including 1 document pocket

Combinable with:

VAJ-1 Ladies' Textile Jacket

The first touring jacket in the VANUCCI+ system offers solid features that can be upgraded to a full all-weather jacket if necessary.

  • Large vents
  • Stretch panels on the front sleeves and shoulders for more comfort, with accordion-like stretchy material on the back and elbows for freedom of movement
  • Can be adjusted to fit a wide range of waist, upper and lower arm and hip sizes, allowing the fit to be customised perfectly with or without membrane and thermal jackets
  • Reflective material all round
  • 2 waterproof outer pockets
  • Upper material is water resistant and dirt-repellent

Combinable with:

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