New benchmarks, no compromises 

Designed and made with perfection for the discerning rider.

Vanucci combines like no other brand the German insistence on quality with the Italian spirit of design. Both dimensions are driven by the relentless pursuit of perfection. The collection ranges from endurance clothing for round-the-world trips to sporty leather combos for short spins, from neck warmers to touring boots. Vanucci is the sought-after premium brand that never tires of offering discerning motorcyclists perfection in its bid to live up to their expectations of a life worth living.

A brand ...

... with professional character and a relentless striving for perfection.... which exemplifies innovation, quality, wearer comfort and performance.

Touring/adventure product range

Vanucci Avventura

The product line for long journeys and adventurers

Going once around the planet? For Vanucci Avventura, this is no problem at all! This product line is made for the long haul: comfortable, high-quality, functional and always state of the art. For all paths, in all weather conditions.

Urban/city product range

Vanucci Urbano

The product line for city cruisers and lifestyle connoisseurs

Riding a motorbike? Sure, but please make it light, carefree and flexible while still carrying a good amount of protection. Vanucci Urbano is made for expeditions into the urban jungle, to the quarry pond or wherever you please. It’s casual, but style-conscious and confident.

Sports/racing product range

Vanucci Sportivo

The product line for more serious riders

From the home track to the race track, Vanucci Sportivo covers the whole range. Jackets, trousers, suits, boots, gloves - all designed with a strong focus on safety. And on the overall fit and level of comfort, so that nothing disturbs the flow of the curve.


quality of life


The Vanucci values


Innovations are ideas which actually get implemented – the striving for better solutions.


Details are not design: they make the design – the marriage of function and aesthetics.


Sportiness and stamina that you carry in your genes – the byword for peak performance.

Life is too short to sacrifice quality of life. 

The Louis range

Find your favourite Vanucci items in the online store or in your Louis branch.

Textile clothing

Leather clothing

Leisure clothing

Functional wear

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