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Motorcycle bags of all kinds are a good way to transport your gear, be it on long tours or short trips. There are all sorts of motorcycle bags available to suit bikers' different space requirements, their diverse material specifications and the various means of attachment to the bike. No matter what type of biker you are, you will find the right motorcycle bag at Louis.

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Motorcycle Textile Saddlebags

Anyone looking for a saddlebag for their bike needs to first decide: textile or leather? While leather is an ideal match for choppers, textile saddlebags are a better fit for modern sport, naked, sport touring and touring bikes. The ideal saddlebag should be sturdy and water-repellent or, better still, waterproof. It should also offer plenty of room and be designed to follow the line of the bike.

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Motorcycle Tail Bags and Roll Bags

And for those occasions when you need to take a little bit more – when a tank bag and saddlebags just don't offer enough space – there are always rear roll bags and/or panniers. Depending on bag model, this will give you an extra 30+ litres of storage space that can be strapped to the bike. However, always bear in mind the maximum permissible weight of your bike and avoid overloading.

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Browse textile saddlebags

Vintage style
14 litre capacity each
1 inner bag each side

Rating : 4.65 out of 5


Hepco & Becker
side bags with

Rating : 4 out of 5


9.8 l or 13.5 l capacity
Durable Napalon
Waterproof inner bag

Rating : 4 out of 5

from £113.061

Top retro design
Capacity: 9.8 l or 13.5 l
Choice of two colours

Rating : 4.4 out of 5

from £131.151

80-litre total capacity
2 saddlebags and
1 roll bag

Rating : 4.34 out of 5


Sturdy saddlebags
with many features and

Rating : 4.35 out of 5


Water and dust-proof
storage bags with
roll closure

Rating : 4 out of 5


Browse motorcycle tail bags and roll bags

For sporty bikes
Up to 32-litre capacity
Waterproof & rugged

Rating : 5 out of 5

from £170.961

3 sizes available

Rating : 4.34 out of 5

from £9.041

The amazingly spacious
waterproof bags in
30 and 50 litre versions!

Rating : 4.36 out of 5

from £36.171

high-quality tail bag
for virtually all bike

Rating : 4.78 out of 5


Various securing points
High quality of make

Rating : 4.83 out of 5


High-quality tail bag
for almost all motor-
bike models

Rating : 4.42 out of 5


Sturdy travel bag
With trolley system


Max. 38-l capacity
Aerodynamic form
Fastenings included

Rating : 5 out of 5


Sale %

Rugged textile fabric
Max. 20-l capacity

Rating : 4 out of 5

instead of £117.581


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