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A safety-conscious biker should never ride without his motorbike jacket. Most motorbike jackets in the Louis range have shoulder and elbow protectors and can be retrofitted with a back protector. There is a huge variety of motorbike jackets to suit every taste and all kinds of weather. A distinction is made between textile motorbike jackets and leather motorbike jackets. There are different advantages to each:

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Textile Motorbike Jackets

Textile motorbike jackets are highly versatile. The range is very wide, extending from lightweight summer jackets through to full-featured winter or all-season models. Highly abrasion-resistant, high-tech synthetics, such as CORDURA or 500D ARMIDURA, offer maximum protection and comfort. What's more, breathable climate membranes (Gore-Tex, SympaTex) protect riders and pillion passengers against wind and rain.

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Leather Motorbike Jackets

The classic motorbike jacket is made of rugged leather (kangaroo, buffalo, cowhide in thicknesses from 1 mm). Leather jackets are highly abrasion-resistant and also offer optimum protection. High-end models are made of leather with a water-repellent finish, which does not allow rainwater to penetrate and yet retains the natural breathability. Motorbike jackets made of leather "age" over time and increasingly adapt to the wearer's body.

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Motorbike Leather Combination Jackets

Motorbike combination jackets are sporty and can be combined with matching combination trousers. They offer a coordinated look and, above all, greater safety in the event of an accident. Otherwise, the advantages are the same as those for leather motorbike jackets described above.

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Urban jacket
Made of waxed cotton
with British design

Rating : 3.95 out of 5


Sale %

Style and function accord
perfectly safety
racing design

Rating : 4.81 out of 5

instead of £350.031


Sale %

Sporty cut
Combination jacket design

Rating : 2.8 out of 5

instead of £245.011


Light & casual
Climate membrane

Rating : 3.93 out of 5


Sale %

Strong buffalo leather
Removable protectors
Stretch panels

Rating : 4.72 out of 5

instead of £280.011


Sale %

Strong buffalo leather
Removable protectors
Stretch panels

Rating : 3.5 out of 5

instead of £280.011


No frills, figure-hugging
Great comfort ensured by
stretch fabric and A-XOC

Rating : 4.8 out of 5


Allweather textile jacket
Wind- and waterproof

Rating : 3.82 out of 5


Sale %

Soft cowhide
Detachable hood
Cotton lining

Rating : 4 out of 5

instead of £350.031


Sturdy quality
Casual cut
Thermal inner vest

Rating : 4.36 out of 5


Sale %

Detachable thermal liner
Wind- and waterproof
membrane laminate

Rating : 4.13 out of 5

instead of £175.031


Ladies' and men's
Large mesh panels
Membrane lining

Rating : 4.37 out of 5


Sale %

Sturdy buffalo leather
Tasteful design
Sporty, comfortable

Rating : 4.52 out of 5

instead of £131.271


Sale %

Ergonomically optimised
racing combination
jacket with protectors

Rating : 3.94 out of 5

instead of £350.061


Sporty combination jacket
3D mesh for more comfort
Air vent-system

Rating : 4.62 out of 5


Sale %

Fully equipped with

Rating : 4.17 out of 5

instead of £393.821

from £262.551

Sale %

For wind and weather
Sturdy material
Thermal lining

Rating : 3.22 out of 5

instead of £218.791


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