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Camping with a motorcycle

Being self-sufficient, avoiding well trodden (or ridden) paths and discovering the world your own way – for many bikers this is the ultimate in freedom. So if you're one of these intrepid adventurers, camping equipment is exactly what you need. A tent and sleeping bag are natural allies of the touring motorcyclist. There's really no better way to make your biking holiday a memorable experience.

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Tips for perfect camping enjoyment on a bike tour

What camping equipment to take with you depends, first and foremost, on what you're planning to do. Do you want to go on a weekend away for a bikers' meet or a festival? Or a tour lasting several weeks? Is your destination the south of Spain or the Scottish Highlands? Basically you need to think carefully about the (night-time) temperatures and the amount of rainfall you may encounter, whether you want to cater for yourself and how many creature comforts, if any, you want while you're on the road.

[IMAGE - The Genres of Louis: Camping - Camping.]
[IMAGE: The Genres Camping – Camping.]

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The right tent for a motorcycle holiday

A tent for motorbike touring always has to be a compromise. On the one hand, it needs to offer enough space to keep your luggage and clothes safe and dry. But, on the other hand, it should be as light and compact as possible for carrying on your motorbike. Here too, the choice you make depends on your particular requirements. A single-skin tent saves weight and bulk, but is only recommended for touring in really dry regions.

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[IMAGE - The Genres Camping: Header - tents.]
[IMAGE - The Genres Camping: Header - tents.]
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The shape of the tent is also a factor. Geodetic and dome tents are easy to pitch and, if need be, will even stay up without guy ropes. This cannot be said for tunnel tents, but they usually offer more space for the same ground area. Whatever shape you choose, make sure the tent has a vestibule that offers enough storage space for your luggage.

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Covering all bases – the tent range from Louis

From pop-up tents that can be pitched in seconds through to six-person luxury models with a spacious living room, Louis has a wide range of tents for an equally wide range of uses and expectations. So the perfect tent for you is sure to be among them.

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Tents for motorcycle touring
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Important: Don't forget the tent pegs and a hammer or mallet!

Camping accessories
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Sleep well! – the sleeping bag 

All the sleeping bags in the Louis range are filled with synthetic fibres. This makes them very sturdy and insensitive to moisture. So you just have to choose between a fitted (mummy style) or a rectangular (envelope style) sleeping bag. The advantages of the mummy style include weight, pack size and insulation rating. Envelope sleeping bags, on the other hand, offer greater freedom of movement and can be opened out and used as a blanket.

[IMAGE - The Genres Camping: Header - sleep.]
[IMAGE - The Genres Camping: Header - sleep.]
[IMAGE - The Genres Camping: Header - sleep.]

Comfort matters – mattress/sleeping mat

A good air mattress or sleeping mat offers the double benefit of comfort and, most importantly, insulation against ground cold. Thicker cushioning means greater comfort, but also more bulk and weight. Self-inflating mats are especially comfortable and practical. You can also adjust the firmness by a little additional manual inflation.

Important: Self-inflating mats must only be rolled, and never folded, unless they are specially designed for folding.

Airbeds, sleeping mats & seat pads
[IMAGE - The Genres Camping - pillows and air mattresses.]

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Self-inflating, fold-up sleeping mat

Ground cold is no fun at all. So you should insulate yourself with a comfortable, self-inflating sleeping mat. You can adjust the firmness for maximum sleeping comfort. Available in three thicknesses: 3, 5 and 7.5 cm. Very lightweight and quickly rolled up.

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Travel pillow

You can always find space in your luggage for a compact travel pillow like this. The clever feature: it's self-inflating – but you can also adjust the firmness for maximum comfort.

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Aluminium-coated sleeping mat

Aluminium-coated sleeping mats are heat-reflective, so they provide excellent insulation on cold ground. What's more, they're foam-padded, very lightweight and quick and easy to roll up and strap to your motorcycle. Ideal for bike touring.

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Travel pillow

To be sure of a really comfortable night's sleep and good protection against ground cold, what you need is an airbed. The air chambers usually run crossways and give a relaxed, stable sleeping position. You can adjust the firmness by inflating more or less, and when not in use, airbeds fold up small.

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Envelope sleeping bag

In contrast with mummy-style sleeping bags, envelope-type bags have a very wide foot section for greater sleeping comfort. They can also be opened out and used as a blanket. When rolled up, they take up surprisingly little space.

* Recommendation on temperature ratings: When choosing a sleeping bag, it's best to take the "Comfort" temperature rating as your guide.

[IMAGE - The Genres Camping - Expert tip.]After your camping holiday, it's a good idea to give all your equipment a thorough clean and dry. Our sleeping bags have two loops on the foot section, which make them quick and easy to hang up on a normal clothes hanger. Sleeping bags should only be stored in their stuff sack for carrying.

[IMAGE - The Genres Camping - Camping furniture.]

Camping furniture

Take a rest – camping furniture

How can camping furniture and a motorcycle possibly go together, you may ask. The answer is, a lot better than many people think! Modern materials and ingenious (folding) design combine to make many a little luxury easily transportable on your bike. If you've ever been to a race weekend and had to stand for hours on end to watch the action, you'll certainly be interested in our folding chair collection. At race training and in the paddock, too, our folding furniture is great to have with you.

[IMAGE - The Genres Camping - folding table.]

UQUIP folding table – Variety M

A feast for four in the woods? Not a problem with the UQUIP "Variety M" aluminium folding table. The table top is big enough for all your food. The legs are individually adjustable to allow for uneven ground, so nothing will roll off. Ideal for camping.

[IMAGE - The Genres Camping - cooking.]


[IMAGE - The Genres Camping - thermos.]

Bon appetit – camping cooking equipment

The last thing you want on a camping holiday is to go hungry. Biking can be strenuous, and eating well is important to keep you in good spirits. So Louis has everything you need for carrying and cooking your food: from the all-important water bottle through to the fuel stove for the great outdoors. And, of course, we haven't forgotten that your camping kitchen needs to be sturdy, lightweight and easy to transport.

[IMAGE - The Genres Camping - Camping kitchen.]
[IMAGE - The Genres Camping - knife.]

The knives, multitools and flashlights from Louis are high-quality and extremely reliable – equally valuable for camping holidays and trekking expeditions.

Knives & multitools

[IMAGE - The Genres Camping - Camping Accessories.]

Camping Accessories

Attention to detail – camping accessories

Now and then we like to do without a hotel bed when we're touring ourselves, so we know just how useful some of the small items in our range can be: from tent pegs to water canisters, from travel towel to air pump, and from folding knife to flashlight. Last but not least, a handy little thing that may just prevent your holiday turning into a nightmare – a sidestand pad. Highly recommended because the ground can be very soft on a campsite!

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