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NEW! Now at Louis, you can get the full Motomania range: comics, T-shirts, coffee mugs and lots more! Motorbike comics featuring a bunch of crazy bikers and the day-to-day pitfalls of biking. These comics, carefully illustrated by Holger Aue with an obsession for detail, portray the world of motorbike fanatics more authentically than any other in Germany. And it’s no wonder, because cartoonist Holger Aue is not just a talented creator of comic strips. He is equally skilful and passionate when it comes to riding a motorbike – whether as an instructor on the “Nordschleife” (Northern Loop) of the Nürburgring, as a competitor in various race classes or simply on the road.Official MotoMania dealer

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Fun shirt for
all women who have a
heart for unicorns!

Rating : 3.75 out of 5



Exclusively from Louis!
More fun in the morning!
Dim.: approx. 23.5x14.5cm

Rating : 5 out of 5



Iconic MOTOmania shirt
for guys with a little
more. Up to 3XL!

Rating : 4.57 out of 5



Full-size strong magnets
Set of 9, MOTOmania
Decorative design

instead of £6.841


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