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Great-grandfather Heinz had a burning passion for motorcycling and was a successful motorcycle racer, and this is the spirit in which the family business is run to this day: HeinzBikes Custom Parts. Initially, the company specialised in the production of exclusive add-on parts for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, mainly bagger conversions. But since then, HeinzBikes has also been developing and producing E-approved LED front and rear turn signal lights and LED fork lights for all other motorcycle brands. The inventors from Havelland are particularly proud of the innovative All-In-One license plate holder. Manufactured with heart, soul and high precision, HeinzBikes uses its own fair hands to put every one of its products together piece by piece.

Highlights from HeinzBikes

Compatible with
most motorbikes.
CNC-machined, E-approved


CNC-machined aluminium

Rating : 5 out of 5

instead of £139.82

from £131.03

For all motorcycles
Various versions

from £262.93

The next generation
Thinner Lighter Brighter

from £306.90

Compatible with all
CNC-machined, E-approved


Oval, aerodynamic
Billet aluminium

from £148.62

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