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BMW motorcycles are as much part of Bavaria as mountains and beer. And for over 90 years now, the Boxer engine has been something akin to a cult object, even though BMW Boxers have actually been manufactured in very un-Bavarian Berlin (or Spandau, to be more precise) since 1969. If BMW is your favourite motorcycle make, you'll find lots of attractive metal signs and other high-quality gift items with classic BMW motifs to adorn workshops, garages and club rooms.

Highlights from BMW

Decorative thermometer,
scale from -20°C to +50°C
Embossed metal


Sturdy metal
with printed design
Dimensions: 23x16x7 cm


Extra-thick sheet
steel, embossed motif


Superbly crafted
Sturdy, curved glass
front, 31 cm diameter

Rating : 4.6 out of 5



Classic mug
Enamelled steel
Capacity approx. 350 ml


High-quality printing
Rounded shape
Capacity: 0.33 litres

Rating : 3.66 out of 5


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