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Stylish comfort seats for your motorcycle

For over twenty years, the French manufacturer Bagster has been the name that many bikers associate with customised comfort seats. With a Bagster seat you can really rack up the miles and still feel fresh and comfortable. Sporty naked bike riders also benefit from a Bagster seat in everyday use. What's more, the look of any motorcycle is enhanced by the exclusive and distinctive design that sets a Bagster apart from stock saddles. Tried and tested detailed solutions, high-quality, durable materials and precision hand-made quality are what make Bagster products special. A great insider tip for any biker looking for something out of the ordinary!

Highlights from Bagster

Plug & play comfort
seat, largely hand-

Rating : 3.17 out of 5

from £264.681

The plug & play premium
seat, with optional
gel pad and/or heater

Rating : 3.13 out of 5

instead of £379.381

from £352.911

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