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Motorcycle Electrics and Electronics made in Germany

BAAS is the name of an inventive firm, based in Germany's Swabian region, which specialises in electrical and electronic components. BAAS supplies small but extremely important accessories without which no modern motorcycle electrical system could function: vehicle sockets and adapters for a whole range of devices, from GPS sat nav to action camera. And for emergencies, BAAS supplies jump-start cables designed specifically for motorbikes. All BAAS products are manufactured to the highest quality standards, and almost entirely in Germany.

Highlights from BAAS

For devices with USB
port - weather-
protected to IP54

Rating : 3.2 out of 5


Never again forget to
cancel your turn signal.
Also for LED turn signals

Rating : 4.64 out of 5


For 12 V devices with
cigarette lighter plug,
incl. fittings

Rating : 4.34 out of 5


Super-compact for easy
storage and ideal access
to the motorbike battery

Rating : 4.66 out of 5


Quality spark plug cable!
Available in 3 colours!
1 metre long

Rating : 5 out of 5


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