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Order only with correctly filled out configuration sheet you can find this under the tab "DOCUMENTS".

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Wilbers shock absorbers are manufactured to the customer's individual requirements, so they cannot simply be ordered using the order number. This is why the message "Delivery not possible" appears in the Online Shop. The order number is only intended to identify the correct product for a particular motorcycle model.

To order a Wilbers suspension strut, please download the questionnaire which you can find under "Documents" and complete all sections. When filling in the questionnaire, you should bear in mind how you mainly use your motorcycle (i.e. mainly solo/mainly with pillion passenger/mainly with luggage or other load). Of course, the spring preload of the shock absorbers is also adjustable to allow for carrying an additional load).

Please send your completed questionnaire by email to Technikcenter@louis.de. We will place the order for you and will get back to you if any additional information is required.
Alternatively, you can, of course, phone us on +49 (0)40 734193-751. We can then clarify the relevant questions regarding your specific shock absorber with you.
Have you ever stopped to consider your motorcycle's chassis? Now, you may think that's only something for the professionals, but no. As a motorbike rider, your machine's chassis should also interest you. A key element is the suspension, and that's most certainly something that should be given some attention. In particular, it's worth thinking about Ecoline shock absorbers from Wilbers, the chassis specialists.

One thing is certain: motorcycle manufacturers equip their machines with very good suspension. It is designed for "normal" everyday use, which means that everything is set up to deliver a happy medium, which is good for most bikers. Furthermore, when your shocks reach a certain age, they becomes less effective. In any event, for years now, Wilbers products have demonstrated just how much riding comfort, enjoyment and safety you can gain with high-quality shock absorbers "Made in Germany".
It's worth pointing out that Wilbers suspension products are specially manufactured to suit your individual requirements. For example, the weight of the rider and pillion passenger plus luggage, your riding style and the type of use are taken into account in the production process.

Wilbers Ecoline shocks have:

  • Infinitely variable spring preload by means of the hook wrench supplied
  • Radial piston and progressive shim packs for optimal damping
  • High-quality INA/Elges self-aligning bearings for long service life and durability
  • TÜV approval

Further technical details can be found under "Documents"

Ecoline suspension struts are designed for the original motorcycle chassis, and are not suitable for bikes with mechanical suspension lowering/lift.

Please note that WILBERS Ecoline shocks are specially manufactured to your requirements and therefore CANNOT BE RETURNED.
For more information see Item 9.2 of our Standard Terms and Conditions - Exceptions to right of cancellation.

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