Throttle Grip Add-on
Throttle Grip Add-on

Throttle Grip Add-on

Art. No. 10009280

56 Reviews

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Throttle Grip Add-on

Ideal for long journeys! The cruise control simply slips over your twistgrip. The palm of your hand then rests on it, thus reducing the strain on your entire hand muscles and preventing cramp and joint pains. When not in use, you simply twist the lever into a neutral position.

Additional benefits:

  • Noticeable relief of the hand musculature on long distances
  • Good grip even with thick gloves
  • Throttle control is much more sensitive

Two versions available:

  • Order no. 10009280 for standard grips on metric handlebars (dia. 22 mm), grip diameter (30 - 35 mm)
  • Order no. 10009820 for "oversize" handlebars (imperial, with heated grips etc.), grip diameter (37 - 41 mm)

Reviews (56)
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