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SP Connect Google Pixel phone case SPC+

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SP Connect Google Pixel phone case SPC+ various models

From SP Connect comes the *Phone Case SPC+* for you and your Google Pixel smartphone. It's slim, flexible and ultimately secure. The *Phone Case SPC+* offers your mobile phone optimal protection - around the clock. It fits perfectly in your hand and you can attach it to all SP Connect holders in seconds. Thanks to its 40% thinner design, the *Phone Case SPC+* is fully MagSafe compatible and always ready for inductive charging and magnetic attachment.

  • Protective case for various Google Pixel smartphones
  • Thin, lightweight, shockproof and maximally protective
  • quick magnetic attachment
  • secure mounting on all SP Connect mounts
Scope of delivery:
1 × SP Connect *Phone Case SPC+*
1 × *SPC+* adapter
1 × Tool *SPC+*

Reviews (3)
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