Risk Racing

Risk Racing - Seal Doctor

For 32-45mm and 45-55mm Forks

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Risk Racing - Seal Doctor For 32-45mm and 45-55mm Forks

The cure for "sickly" fork seals. The new Seal Doctor from Risk Racing is an easy-to-use cleaning tool. Small, handy and extremely effective.

Prevents premature wear to motocross fork seals, saving you costly fork repairs.

With the Seal Doctor, you can do a regular clean in seconds. Simply remove the dust seal and snap the Seal Doctor onto the fork tube. Then insert it carefully under the fork seal and rotate slowly. The sickle-shaped plastic blade pulls dirt and foreign objects carefully and gently down and out from under the seal. No hiding place for dirt!

100% PVC

L/XL for conventional forks with 45-55 mm diameter
(all standard motorcycles)

S/M for smaller forks with 32-45 mm diameter
Motocross 50 - 85 cc, Mountain bike & Downhill

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