Outdoor Motorbike Cover Superior

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Outdoor Motorbike Cover Superior

When developing the Louis Superior cover, we concentrated on meeting our customers' high demands for a protective cover down to the smallest detail. The result is impressive. This cover is one of the best products on the market.
The performance is made of heavy, UV-resistant material. Inside it is lined with a soft non-woven fabric that helps prevent scratches in the vehicle paint. Reflective strips are incorporated at handlebar height, which when illuminated make it unmistakably clear to everyone that a rather large object is standing here. This creates more safety for the bike. Especially, of course, for "curbside parkers", but also, for example, for vehicles parked in an underground garage. By the way, there is a large viewing window in the rear part of the cover, which allows a clear view of the license plate. This is always recommended if your motorcycle is parked in a public place.

The dirt-resistant fabric, in combination with the two ventilation openings at handle height, effectively prevents the formation of condensation due to temperature fluctuations, for example. Corrosion is effectively counteracted in this way. In the lower third of the hood, the inner material is heat-resistant. This makes it possible to cover the vehicle even though it has not yet cooled down completely. Last but not least, a wide central web, elastic bands at the front and rear, and a fastening strap sewn to the center (lower section) ensure that the hood remains permanently tight. Even in stronger winds.

The hood itself can be secured against theft by means of a lock (please order separately).

  • Material: 100 % polyester (ripstop) with TPU coating
  • Color: black/ blue
  • Supplied in a practical transport bag with viewing window

Available in three sizes:

Size M
A: 200 cm, B: 113 cm, C: 74 cm, D: 76 cm, E: 54 cm

Size L:
A: 215 cm, B: 122 cm, C: 97 cm, D: 76 cm, E: 58 cm

Size XL:
A: 240 cm, B: 158 cm, C: 129 cm, D: 71 cm, E: 68 cm

Good to know:
On some motorcycle models (especially enduros), heat protection inside the cover may not be 100% guaranteed, as the exhaust system on these vehicles runs very high up on the rear.

Luggage racks, cases, windshields or other major modifications to your motorcycle can significantly change the dimensions, so you may have to choose a larger / different hood!

Please note that there is a tolerance of 15-20 cm in the overall length (A) for hoods with elastic. For example, if your vehicle is 15 cm longer than the specified total length (A) of the cover hood, it can still be used.


Product details

  • Elasticated hem: Front and back
  • material: 100% polyester PU coated
  • Area of use: Outdoor use
  • Color: Blue
  • Grommets for a lock: No

Overview of product features

  • Carrying bag
  • Reinforced openings for chain lock
  • reflective strips
  • waterproof
  • Tear-resistant
  • UV-stable
  • Cold-resistant
  • securing strap
  • vents
  • integrated rear window
  • Heat-resistant inner material
  • Soft inner material
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