Outdoor Cover Sand

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Outdoor Cover Sand

Do you want a cover for your motorbike that you can use flexibly for outdoor and indoor use, that is of course breathable and that does not leave any nasty scratches on the paintwork? Then the Louis Sand cover is a good choice.
It fulfils your wishes when it comes to protecting and preserving the value of your bike. The special 3-layer textile fabric with breathable membrane repels all "attacks" from the outside, while the paint-friendly structure on the inside ensures that nothing happens to your treasure. Environmental influences and corrosion hardly stand a chance. By the way, the rear part of the cover has a large viewing window that allows a clear view of the number plate. This is always recommended if your motorbike is parked in a public place. Reflective stripes are also incorporated, which, when illuminated, make it unmistakably clear to everyone that a rather large object is parked here. This creates more safety for the bike. Especially for "kerb parkers", of course, but also for vehicles parked in an underground garage, for example.


  • with centre strap and elastic for a perfect fit
  • central fastening strap with adjustable plug-in fastener
  • Webbing-reinforced openings for a chain lock (not included)
  • Material: 100 % polyester with PE membrane
  • Colour: sand with black Louis logos
  • Transport bag included
  • Available in two sizes - for measurements see sketch under other images:

Size M:
A: 190 cm, B: 124 cm, C: 79 cm, D: 76 cm, E: 54 cm

Size L:
A: 210 cm, B: 131 cm, C: 94 cm, D: 76 cm, E: 64 cm

Good to know:
Luggage racks, panniers, windscreens or other major modifications to your motorbike can significantly change the dimensions, so you may have to choose a larger/different bonnet!

Please note that there is a tolerance of 15-20 cm in the overall length (A) of bonnets with elastic. If your vehicle is, for example, 15 cm longer than the specified overall length (A) of the cover bonnet, it can still be used.

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