MRA X-creen Sport Spoiler

easy adjustable, with ABE

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MRA X-creen Sport Spoiler easy adjustable, with ABE

Often small things can make a big difference. That's certainly true here. If you try riding your sports bike at speed for a good distance, both with and without the MRA X-Creen "Sport" Universal Spoiler, you'll quickly discover that, small though it is, this spoiler is amazingly efficient at reducing wind pressure.

What's more, it's quick and easy to attach to your fairing windshield or racing shield. Either clamped (e.g. temporarily for weekend outings when you're speeding through glorious hairpin bends), or permanently screw-mounted. Double joints allow the small spoiler to be adjusted to virtually any position you like (height, angle and shield-to-spoiler spacing). This in turn makes it highly versatile:

  • as a windshield extension with adjustable wind deflector
  • as a diffuser in front of the windshield to reduce the air stream or to direct it straight towards the rider (to keep you cool on hot summer days)

Available in clear and tinted versions

Dimensions: approx. 260 x 100 mm

With German type approval.

If you're ordering from outside Germany, please note:
Before ordering, you should check the legal regulations that apply in your country for using such a touring windshield on your vehicle.

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