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Spare parts and accessories for BMW R 51 - 254/1

505 001 - 515 164

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R 51
1938 - 1940
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Air Filters
RRP £10.29 from £8.561
Engine oil 4-stroke SAE 50 HD, 1L
Liqui Moly
RRP £12.08 £8.571
(1 l = £8.571)
Engine oil 4-Stroke SAE 50 HD, 4L
Liqui Moly
RRP £44.08 £23.461
(1 l = £5.871)
Fork Oil
RRP £8.57 £6.421
(1 l = £12.841)
Fork oil 10W medium, 500ml
Liqui Moly
(1 l = £16.441)
Fork Oil mineral
RRP £8.57 from £5.071
Fork Oil Technosynthese Expert
RRP £18.87 from £10.991
RRP £12.85 from £7.961
Spark Plug
from £2.561
Transmission oil additive, 20g
Liqui Moly
RRP £8.57 £6.501
(1 kg = £324.661)
Transmission oil EP 80W-90
Louis Oil
(1 l = £15.431)
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