ROOKiE-TOURS Motorbike Tours 

Your LouisCard advantage: 5 % instant discount on motorbike tours

5 % instant discount on motorbike tours.

We offer hassle free guided motorbike tours and motorbike trips in Europe including motorbike training. We will teach you step by step everything you need to know in order to enjoy all kinds of bends safely and confidently. Our motorbike tour range is divided according to our modular level system making it suitable for beginners, (alpine) novices, returners and cruisers through to experienced, saddle-sure enthusiasts. We take motorbike tours in small groups of like-minded people with a maximum of just five (!) participants. This means that we can treat each participant individually! We offer you wonderful winding motorbike tours in Europe, fantastic landscapes, famous sights, regional delicacies and a lot of fun!

Our motto: small groups, big fun!

If you enter "Louis-Card" as the discount code at the end of your booking on our website, you will receive an instant 5 % discount on ROOKiE-TOURS Motorbike Tours!

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