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Your LouisCard advantage: 5 % discount

5 % discount on presentation of the LouisCard. Not valid on promotions and packages.

The Kurven und Knödel Wirte (Curve and Dumplings Innkeepers) - 9 landlords from Tyrol, the Dolomites and the Großglockner region joined forces 25 years ago to make their passion - motorbiking - even more attractive for their guests.

Special biker offers and facilities have been created to make biking holidays a great and unforgettable experience from the first to the last day.

We love taking you on a great ride over the unique mountain passes in our region and leaving the worries of everyday life behind in the breeze. A shared experience that not only showcases the beauty of nature, but of course also offers plenty of enjoyment and socialising!

Note: The discount only applies to accommodation and half board and Louis membership must be declared at the time of booking.

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