High-Bike Motorcycle Test Center in Zams TYROL Austria 

Your LouisCard advantage: 5 € instant discount on motorbike rental

5 € instant discount on motorbike rental at the High-Bike Test Center, Tyrol.

Test the latest KTM, Ducati, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Aprilia, CF Moto and soon BMW models and many more on full-day tours with Metzeler tyres on the winding Alpine passes!

At the High-Bike Motorcycle Test Center, Europe’s only motorbike test centre for all brands, you can ride from 8 am to 7 pm every day with no mileage limit! We can give you recommendations for the best tours depending on the weather in Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. If you don’t have your motorbike gear with you, we can take care of that too! Rukka clothing and gloves, Schuberth helmets, Daytona boots and SW-Motech tank bags are available for testing. You can also buy Motorex care products in small versions for when you’re on the road.

We offer all LouisCard holders a 5 € instant discount on our day rates. Simply show your card and 5 € will be immediately deducted from the rental price.

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