Hertz car rental 

Your LouisCard advantage: save up to 10 %

Rent from Hertz and save up to 10 %!

Book with our partner, Hertz car rental, and receive up to 10 % special discount worldwide as a Detlev Louis member:

Car (electric, hybrid or combustion; small car, saloon or 7-seater), removal van up to 12 tonnes (in Germany), premium products and services (e.g. Hertz Gold Plus Rewards, mobile Wi-Fi hotspots etc.)

Book now with your Detlev Louis customer number CDP No. 592908 online at www.hertz.de and enjoy the Hertz special discounts:

  1. Tick the box marked “I have a discount code”
  2. Enter the company discount no. 592908
  3. Select “Business”

Hertz looks forward to welcoming you at one of the 150 Hertz stations nationwide!

Hertz Corporation manages approximately 9,700 car rental locations worldwide across its Hertz, Dollar, Thrifty and Firefly brands and is one of the largest car rental providers at airports.

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