Your LouisCard advantage: 3 partner points per euro when buying the premium tires S22, AT41, A41, AX41 and H50, even 6 partner points for the sports touring tire Battlax T32

Passion for Excellence.

3 partner points per euro on the purchase price of your new Bridgestone motorbike tyres from a Bridgestone Biker’s pro dealer. Buying the S22, T31 and A41 premium tyres will earn you 6 partner points. You’ll find the address of the Biker’s Club dealer nearest to you under and

Example: The purchase of a set of 120/180 tyres of the new Battlax T32 for 465.60 € (list price plus VAT) already earns you 2,794 Louis Partner points.

Just send a copy of your Biker’s Pro tyre invoice to: Detlev Louis Motorrad-Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH, Service LouisCard in 21027 Hamburg, Germany. We will immediately credit the partner points to your points account.

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