Undoubtedly cool.

Motorbike clothing from France

The French company Segura was founded in 1967 and made a name for itself in the '70s as the outfitter of many racing drivers. Segura thus has half a century of experience when it comes to professional protective gear for motorcyclists. In the meantime, the brand has specialised primarily in retro style, placing the greatest emphasis on maximum safety in practical use.  The entire Segura collection is CE certified. And the design? Ultra-cool, tres chic - typically French!

The goal: reaching the highest level

The Segura team is driven by the goal of pushing the technical boundaries of what is possible and opening up to innovation in all areas. From the choice of leather types and textiles to the cuts and workmanship. So that every customer can benefit from the pleasure and freedom of having a unique style and being able to live it at the highest level.


Segura was founded with a clear focus on leather clothing for motorsport

80s & 90s

Racing clothing became fashionable – sporty protective clothing in line with the latest fashions


With a brand new logo and new line of women’s protective clothing, Segura becomes more modern and produces both leather and textile clothing


Segura changes direction from a sporty look to a vintage and neo-retro style


Segura is increasingly orientated towards current fashion trends and develops sophisticated protective clothing with an urban spirit

Segura means an interplay of:


Segura was founded in 1967 by bikers, for bikers. Therefore, they also know exactly what is important when it comes to safety. With French savoir-vivre, Segura naturally combines safety with style. The focus is always on the leather workmanship. A sport like motorcycling, which combines freedom with risk, needs the toughest material, the most hard-wearing seams and the practical knowledge of where reinforcements and increased elasticity make sense.


Segura's designers know what "treasure" they are sitting on. And they draw inspiration from this to create dreamy vintage collections for men and women. Classic in design, innovative in technology - an excellent combination. The range includes jackets, trousers, gloves and boots - in short, the complete outfit for motorbikes. But Segura's core competence is the leather blouson, straight cut, with quilted protective pads and stand-up collar. Still, Segura is also catching up more and more in the textile sector.


Fifty years of experience provide Segura with an incomparable foundation to design the perfect products for tradition-conscious riders. Whether you are an urban motorbike flâneur or a country road connoisseur, whoever sits on a motorbike today always has the memory of the old motorbike culture with them. Nothing conveys their aura as authentically as Segura jackets. Current know-how in a retro look that draws from the brand's rich archive - a myth plays it safe.

Maximum protection with optimum comfort and the “Protect Flex” system


The Louis range

Find your favourite Segura pieces in our online shop or in your local Louis branch.

Textile clothing

Leather clothing

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