Dr. Wack has been working on first-class motorbike care products and cleaning solutions since the early '80s. Two goals are always in the foreground: to bring new innovations to the market and to make what's already out there even better. The company focuses on continuous further development of already existing products. At the same time, the range is constantly being expanded with new products that meet the demands of the modern biker.


For over 45 years, the company behind the brand - Dr. O.K. Wack Chemie GmbH - has represented premium care and cleaning products from Germany for motorbikes, cars and bicycles.

The values of S100

Our philosophy

Dr. O.K. Wack Chemie GmbH has set itself the goal of solely bringing new solutions to the market or significantly improving existing products. Consistent implementation of this philosophy results in innovative concepts and products.

Our competence

For over 45 years, we have been producing highly effective and innovative care and cleaning products for cars, motorbikes and bicycles in outstanding quality. With various world firsts and special solutions, we are developing into one of the leading manufacturers in the fields of premium care for motor vehicles and two-wheelers as well as precision cleaning for the high-tech industry.

Our research

We are among the pioneers in technical development. To date, over 40 patents, numerous test victories and awards validate our continuous research work. At over 21%, we have the highest proportion of employees in our R&D Department. Our corporate philosophy ensures continuous improvement of the products and thus creates added value for the customer.

Our responsibility

Since the beginning, ecological consideration has become increasingly important. In manufacturing our products, no chemical reactions are generated. Instead, different raw materials are purely mixed without waste water - meaning no emissions make their way into the air or soil. Implementing current environmental protection and safety concerns, our research is focused on using sustainable biodegradable raw materials to prevent potential hazards to humans and nature.

A visit to the laboratory

The Louis range

Find the right care for your bike and your equipment in our online shop or at your local Louis branch.

Cleaning & care

Helmet care

Clothing care

Chain care

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