Every day, Louis offers you great products, ideas, solutions and more to do with motorbikes. Since the company was founded in 1938, we have been living out our philosophy of “by motorbike enthusiasts for motorbike enthusiasts”. Allowing us to accumulate an impressive store of expertise and a lot of experience. We use this know-how and our enthusiasm for motorcycling always to offer you excellent value for money with our Louis products.

We’re bikers at heart!

The Louis team aims to make you happy in every facet of motorcycling. We are committed to providing an unparalleled shopping experience and want to ensure that you are all completely satisfied with our Louis products, services and benefits.

Louis' values:


Decades of passion and dedication to motorbikes also mean making mistakes and learning from them. For us, this experience is the basis for quality and trust and allows us to constantly improve. At Louis, it shows in every detail and our deep understanding of the demands and challenges of motorcycling.


Louis attaches great importance to authenticity. To honesty. To respect and reliability. “By motorbike enthusiasts for motorbike enthusiasts” is not an empty promise, but a concept by which we at Louis live. And we make this tangible for you, especially in our Louis products. They are developed, tested and approved by “real” bikers before they go on sale. We are like you and want you to feel the same enthusiasm and joy for motorcycling as we do ourselves.


At Louis, we are bikers at heart. We love and live out the emotion, fascination and commitment to everything that has to do with motorcycling. Being bikers at heart is all about the boundless joy of acceleration and speed. It's starting the engine as well as the ticking of the hot manifolds when you park your bike. It’s unbridled enthusiasm for motorbikes as a whole. The fun of tinkering and creating your own clothing style. Being a biker at heart is about the overwhelming passion with which you share your own experiences and adventures. Being a biker at heart is about how you engage with the community of motorbike enthusiasts, your desire to discuss and share everything with others: riding, tinkering, meeting, online.

Louis products

The Louis logo is a powerful symbol. It is characterised by a variety of high-quality and very attractively priced products. We have also categorised articles from the areas of maintenance and care, oils, technical additives and add-on parts for you in four lines: Louis Care, Louis Oil, Louis Tech and Louis Parts. Each one is finely tuned to what you want and what you actually need. Louis products are made to our specifications by leading manufacturers, so you can be sure you're getting the best value for money.

Other brands

Louis Edition

Willkommen im Bereich der etablierten Markenhersteller – in Kooperation mit Louis, deinem AusrĂĽster Nummer 1 rund um Motorrad und Freizeit. Unter diesem Label findest du ganz exklusiv unzählige Produkte, die es so nur bei Louis gibt. In Zusammenarbeit mit den jeweiligen Herstellern haben unsere Produktentwickler alles dafĂĽr getan, einzigartige Produkte fĂĽr deine individuellen AnsprĂĽche auf den Markt zu bringen.

Detlev Louis

Diese Traditionsmarke bietet dir eine tolle Auswahl an Bekleidung und Zubehör für stilbewusstes Motorradfahren. Einfach authentisch, selbstbewusst und enthusiastisch. Im besten Sinne Klassiker.


Schon unser Firmengründer Detlev Louis selbst hat in seiner Zeit als Besitzer einer kleinen Motorradwerkstatt festgestellt, wie wichtig die Versorgung mit essentiellen Verschleißteil-Produkten ist und dass diese nicht viel kosten müssen, um gute Qualität zu bieten. Wir sind bis heute diesem Gedanken treu geblieben und vertreiben fortwährend unter dem Namen DELO einige Must-Haves …


Wenn du Benzin im Blut und Motorrad im Herzen hast und Teil der Community sein willst, dann ist die hier verlinkte Seite besonders interessant fĂĽr dich!

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