Riding pleasure at its very best

The iXS brand has stood for highly functional protective clothing in the motorcycle, scooter and bike segments since 1979. Having won numerous ‘Best Product’ awards in the trade press – as well as the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for design concept – the iXS brand is synonymous with high standards of quality. iXS is one of the world’s leading motorcycle and bicycle brands and is distributed in over 50 countries.

In addition to the latest technical materials, the specialist iXS development team sets great store in individual style and perfect fit. Continuous improvements to iXS clothing through practical tests or in tough, professional racing provide the very best riding pleasure with iXS.

iXS product highlights

Textile clothing

Leather clothing


iXS – history

The iXS brand has its roots in Switzerland and was founded in 1979. iXS initially focused on producing high-quality leather clothing. Textiles, modern protectors and functional fabrics, which are not only safe and functional but also comfortable and stylish, were introduced as technology progressed. Over the years, iXS has constantly expanded its product range, from protective clothing and helmets to gloves and accessories, iXS offers a comprehensive range of products for motorcycle enthusiasts. iXS lives for the desire to ride on two wheels and understands the needs and enthusiasm of the motorcycle community. Dedication to the fascination with motorbikes shapes the character of iXS products.

iXS – Motorsport News

Whether new products, events, rankings or driver news – everything you need to know about motorsport can be found here.

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