Yamaha XJR 1200  - Special Custom Bike

From unassuming, well-used bike to noble old-school machine – perfect for the Superbike fan

XJR 1200 – Spezial-Umbau

Tradition with a twist

If you think the hipsters invented "old-school", think again – "old-school" was always a thing. In the 1970s, the XS 650 and SR 500 reminded us of the English motorcycle tradition; in the 1990s, after the huge hype surrounding sport motorcycles with full fairings, unfaired, high-torque 4-cylinder engines in the same vein as the Kawasaki Z 900 and the Honda CB 750 K were back in demand. Two new timeless Big Bikes also appeared on the market, the Zephyr 1100 and the XJR 1200, which even today continue to delight both the eyes and hearts of seasoned bikers and have all the makings of respected, valued classics. 

XJR 1200 im Originalzustand

Yamaha XJR 1200

A Yamaha XJR 1200 in original condition.

Our XJR 1200 Bikes Special shows that with a little bit of financial and creative effort with the parts from the Louis range, you can turn your old, used machine into a fantastic, valuable and customised collector's item. It's bound to steal the spotlight. Apart from the great look of the bike, it's usefulness and the fun you'll have riding it by no means come up short.

The look

We have emphasized the classic character of our XJR with refined, golden ornamental lines on a uniform glossy black background. This creates a well-rounded, elegant and powerful look. SW Motech's stepped seat guarantees comfortable touring and, just like the small Puig front fairing or the narrow, aluminium front mudguard, it also incorporates the latest cafe racer-style elements.

Cockpit XJR 12000

New energy thanks to the modern touch

A Superbike should always be up to date, even if you're going for an old-school look. On our Yamaha, a butted X-Bar handlebar equipped with numerous Gazzini components on adjustable, gold-anodised Gilles risers dominates the rider's space. The LED headlight and delicate LED turn signals provide contemporary-style illumination for lighting your way. Behind the classic front fairing is a discreet, state-of-the-art information centre consisting of TomTom Vio sat nav and Koso TNT04 multifunctional instrument. Because power brings joy, we have given the engine a small additional power injection – the torque of the unit was optimised with the help of a K&N air filter, a Dynojet carburetor kit and open intake manifold. An LSL footrest system creates a sporty and agile sitting position.



20 years of service have naturally left their mark on our XJR, even if the mileage is still quite low. So we decided to revive the chassis with new YSS shock absorbers, wheel bearings, swingarm bearings and an overhaul of the fork. Luckily, the black paint finish of the chassis only needed to be freshened up with some thorough polishing. After intense cleaning and degreasing, the look of the engine was freshened up with some spray paint. The wheels and swingarm received a solid powder coating from the specialist company. New Brembo brake discs and Lucas TRW pipes and linings will ensure safe, sporty deceleration when driving this massive machine.


A model-specific, street-legal aftermarket exhaust is not so easy to come by for the XJR. The newly designed Hurric 4/2 exhaust from Fechter Drive is not only a delight because of its superb bike-like sound, but also because it has the necessary EC type approval ("E" mark) to keep the cops happy.

We would like to thank our sponsors and partners!
Powder coating:bledau-metallbau.de

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