Yamaha MT-09 Tracer โ€“ Louis Special Conversion

The MT-09 Tracer is a really successful all-rounder. But it can still be made a bit more touring-friendly and attractive.

yamaha mt-09 tracer louis spezial-umbau
(image) - yamaha mt-09 tracer

Yamaha MT-09 Tracer

The MT-09 fun bike triggered Yamaha's return to successful ways. Now the Tracer version is Yamaha's bid to give full throttle in the tourer segment of the motorcycle market, too.

Travelling is even more fun with the Yamaha MT-09 Tracer

The versatile three-cylinder machine with plenty of torque is an all-rounder brimming with character and top engineering. The stock bike comes equipped with traction control and ABS, LED headlights and a responsive lightweight aluminium chassis. It is a joy to ride, both in everyday use and on long tours, which makes it a serious alternative to the top-end big bruisers.

The full complement of touring features

We equipped our MT with everything you need for a long touring holiday. Spacious, rugged GIVI aluminium cases go beautifully with the bike's high-tech look and sit as safe as houses on the extra-strong GIVI-Cam-Side racks. The system is supplemented with a Quick-Lock Evo tank bag from SW-Motech for carrying important essentials. It is elegantly mounted on a tank ring, and is also ideal for city use. LED fog lights ensure better vision on unlit roads. We had to file a millimetre off the mounting clamps (not included) for fastening to the sturdy 28 mm SW-Motech crash bar. Fork and swing arm crash pads reduce the costly damage that can occur with an accidental crash landing. If you're looking for more ground clearance and even better handling, you should go for a rear jack-up kit from TRW/Lucas.

yamaha mt-09 tracer louis spezial-umbau
yamaha mt-09 tracer louis spezial-umbau
yamaha mt-09 tracer louis spezial-umbau

Ergonomic accessories for long-distance comfort

A somewhat wider superbike carbon handlebar from LSL, mounted on adjustable, slightly raised Gilles Tooling handlebar mounts, gives a more comfortable riding position for long distances, especially if you fit an MRA touring windshield for better protection against wind and weather. The rider's cockpit has been given a facelift with Magazi handlebar grips and beautifully machined LSL hand levers. The ergonomic shape of a Bagster seat gives fantastic riding comfort, and Bagsters are also available with a gel cushion and seat heater. If the arrangement of the original footrests does not suit you, the answer is a perfectly engineered adjustable 2-Slide footrest system from LSL.

Add to all this a few practical details which make the machine that much easier to ride and to maintain: such as bobbins on the swing arm for locating a workshop stand; or brake bleeder valves from Stahlbus; a Scottoiler, which eliminates the job of lubricating the chain and considerably extends the life of the chain and sprocket kit; a vehicle socket or a mount for the obligatory GPS sat nav.

Practicality and good looks go together well

If you've invested quite a lot to make your motorcycle more practical, you might want to do something for its looks, too. A belly pan and rear hugger from Bodystyle, attractive Xenolen LED mini turn signals at the rear, LED turn signals integrated into the hand guards at the front, plus stylish wheel stripes give the MT a sportier look. And so that it sounds as good as it looks, we decided it deserved a Shark Street GP carbon exhaust system with cat.

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