Yamaha MT-09 β€“ Louis Special Custom Bike

The Yamaha MT-09 is first and foremost a fun-machine. But with the right accessories, it can also be a great everyday and touring bike. A little more individuality wouldn't go amiss either.

yamaha mt-09 louis special conversion
yamaha mt-09

Yamaha MT-09

Small, nippy and powerful, the MT-09 is the epitome of a fun bike and a massive success for Yamaha.

More fun – The Yamaha MT-09

It has three cylinders and, despite its muscular and extremely agile looks, is very well balanced. Yamaha was experimenting with in-line triples as early as the 1970s, but now the Japanese giant has incorporated the technology into a completely new concept that has lit up the motorcycle scene like a lightning bolt. The MT-09 is an innovative bike with a very distinctive character that does not fit into any of the usual boxes. Our Bike Special shows you how to make this beast even more individual.

yamaha mt-09 louis special conversion
yamaha mt-09 louis special conversion
yamaha mt-09 louis special conversion
yamaha mt-09 louis special conversion
yamaha mt-09 louis special conversion

Sexy look with a streetfighter touch for the MT-09

The eye-catching look of our MT is created by a matt blue and white paint job, accentuated further with white rim decor. Styling elements from Bodystyle (rear hugger, belly pan, seat cowl and radiator grille) and a short windshield from Ermax give the machine a sexy bikini look, while hand guards from SW-MOTECH team up with an LSL superbike handlebar to add a streetfighter edge. A license plate holder from Protech makes the rear end look shorter, and draws attention to the meaty tyre.

But that's not all – lots of other details go to make up the facelift we gave this three-cylinder machine. Turn signals from Motogadget fit the unconventional look and get the correct flashing rate from a load-independent relay. A narrow LED tail light from KOSO is a good match for the slim rear end. Aluminium mirrors from Magazi, along with elegant, machined hand levers and a brake fluid reservoir from LSL add style to the rider's cockpit. Also from LSL are the adjustable footrest joints for added ride comfort, with sport rests in the anodised colour of your choice.

Taking the fun bike on tour? No problem with the Louis conversion

Practical details are not forgotten on our Yamaha either. We fitted discreet LSL crash pads and axle guards, in case of mishaps. A tank ring from SW-MOTECH can be used to mount different sizes of tank bag from the same manufacturer. Anyone planning a longer tour would be well advised to invest in the excellently made saddlebags from Vanucci, secured perfectly to the rear end with Givi saddlebag holders. A small GPS mounting bracket on the handlebar allows you to attach a sat nav at any time to point you in the right direction.

Moving on to the exhaust, you'll find a wide range of options for the MT-09 in our database. We like the Shark Factory in carbon best of all, with its short rear silencer and the crisp, sporty sound.

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