BMW R 1200 GS – Louis Special Custom Bike

Fully equipped: The Louis conversion turns the R 1200 GS into an all-round feel-good package for touring bikers.

bmw r 1200 gs louis special conversion
bmw r 1200 gs

BMW R 1200 GS

It really deserves to be called the "Dominator", having set the benchmark for touring enduro motorcycles for years.

Boxer champion – BMW R 1200 GS (2004-2012)

Germany's favourite kingsize all-rounder still comes from Bavaria. The R 1200 GS has been the undisputed champion in terms of annual registrations for many years. Despite its imposing size, the powerful BMW still impresses with its sheer rideability, fully adjustable suspension and stunning road performance, both for everyday riding and on tour.

Speaking of the “grand tour”, our luxury ride is perfectly prepared with a case system from SW-MOTECH or Hepco & Becker. Spacious and sturdy aluminium cases with anti-theft device, along with a tank bag adapted to the shape of the tank (from SW-MOTECH or a slightly larger model from HELD) are not just functional features, but also a perfect match for the bike's looks. Should you need even more storage space, you can expand the cases' capacity with extra bags. The SW-MOTECH tank bag is secured on the tank ring, without the need for straps, and can be removed at any time. An adjustable MRA Vario shield protects the rider from the weather and airstream – a big help when covering long distances.

bmw r 1200 gs louis special conversion
bmw r 1200 gs louis special conversion
bmw r 1200 gs louis special conversion
bmw r 1200 gs louis special conversion
bmw r 1200 gs louis special conversion

Plenty of practical goodies for touring bikers and all-weather riders

All-weather riders will love the small but powerful auxiliary headlights from SW-MOTECH. Hand guards, tank and engine crash bars, along with guards for the cylinders, headlights, oil cooler, forks, swing arm and engine case, all protect against whatever the weather and the road may throw at you.

A rear wheel splash guard prevents the shock absorber from being regularly covered in mud. One small but important feature is the larger sidestand foot from SW-MOTECH, which gives the heavy bike improved protection against toppling over when parked on unpaved ground.

bmw r 1200 gs louis special conversion

Installing the handlebar requires some skill and patience

A sturdy, double-butted handlebar suits the beefy Bavarian bike. But installation is less straightforward because the cables for the heated grips need to be routed and the handlebar drilled precisely for the fastening bolts. Torx keys are essential here, as they are when working on the newer BMW models in general. The SW-MOTECH hand guards come with a mounting set for the internal thread of the original handlebar. On the LSL handlebar, which does not have this internal thread, an Acerbis fastening set is required, along with an M8 x 70 screw.

To make our BMW look even classier, we equipped it with a range of elegant trims and covers from BOXER-DESIGN. These fit the look of the GS so perfectly, you'd think it came off the assembly line looking this good. Our special adapters (10 x 1.5 mm right-hand thread) allow a wide range of auxiliary mirrors, in particular from magazi, to be used on the BMW. Another eye catcher in the cockpit area is the machined adjustable hand levers from LSL. We found the short version sits most comfortably in the hand.

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