Precautionary protector replacement of Vanucci clothing

We have discovered that some Vanucci clothing protectors are faulty due to transport damage. If you purchased one of the items listed below in the period from 1 April 2021 to 31 December 2023, the protectors on your clothing may also be affected. For safety reasons, we will provide you with functional replacement protectors if your items are affected.

TypeShoulderShoulderElbowElbow KneeHips
Art. No.*ArticlePairPairPairPairPair
207444VSJ-2 Leather jacket x x 
207445VSJ-2 Leather jacket x x 
207446VSJ-2 Leather jacket x x 
207455VSJ-2 Leather jacket x x 
208088VSM-2 1-Piece Leather suitx xxx
208121VSM-3 2-Piece Leather suitx xxx
207497VSJ-3 Ladies jacketx x  
207496VSJ-3 Men’s jacket xx  
206241VST-1 Ladies trousers   xx
206240VST -1 Men's trousers   xx
212822VAJ-4 Men’s jacket x x 
212821VAJ-4 Men’s jacket x x 
211593VAT-2 Men's trousers   x 
211592VAT-2 Men's trousers   x 

*You will find the article number on the washing label inside your garment

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