Technical clothing for Women

Base layers for that feel-good factor

Technical clothing

More comfort right up close

Bikers used to say: "You're either freezing or sweating". Nowadays, at Louis we have excellent, innovative base layers which make for a pleasant body climate in all conditions and all year round. Modern motorcycle clothing is a complete system, designed to be worn in multiple layers: 

1st layer – Technical base layer

1st layer

Technical base layer 

The technical base layer: special synthetic fibres regulate your body temperature by allowing moisture on your skin to evaporate and wicking it away to the outside. That's also how the climate membrane functions β€“ in summer AND winter. Conventional cotton shirts cannot do the same job because they tend to absorb moisture.

2nd layer – Technical clothing

2nd layer

Technical clothing

The second layer has a moisture wicking function and, of course, provides additional insulation on colder days. Lightweight technical shirts and jackets, also made of functional man-made fibres, are ideal, as are fleece shirts and softshell jackets.

3rd layer – Outer protective layer

3rd layer

Outer protective layer 

The outer protective layer. It not only protects you against injury in the event of an accident, but also keeps out the wind and rain. And ultimately, it ensures that moisture can evaporate thanks to a breathable climate membrane (a feature of most textile jackets and trousers).

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