Retail space sought

We are looking for attractive retail space in the following locations. If you know of any premises that meet our specified requirements, let us know by contacting us using the contact details given below.

Retail space sought

Retail space sought in the following towns

AT – Austria
  • Liezen
  • Vienna (South)
CH – Switzerland


  • Bern
  • Oftringen
DE – Germany
  • Berlin (South-West)
  • Bonn (North)
  • Bremen
  • Freiburg
  • Giessen
  • Hamburg
  • Ingolstadt
  • Kassel
  • Cologne (South)
  • Krefeld
  • Munich (North/West)
  • Oldenburg in Oldenburg
  • Pforzheim
  • Rosenheim
  • Rostock
NL – Netherlands
  • Amsterdam
  • Apeldoorn
  • Den Haag
  • Groningen
  • Nijmegen
  • Rotterdam
  • Utrecht
  • Zwolle


  • Size, unless stated otherwise, 900m² ±10%
  • Situated on a main road in and out of town (ideally with motorway access)"
  • With street frontag
  • Window front, ground-level parking
  • Structural features:
    • Refined shell
    • Open ceiling
    • Air-conditioned rooms
    • Fittings as required by law
    • Customer WC
  • Spaces in shopping centres are not suitable for our purposes.


Detlev Louis Motorrad-Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH
Abt. Standortentwicklung
Rungedamm 35
21035 Hamburg

Telephone number: 0049 40 734 1930
Fax: 0049 40 734 193936

Email address:

Das Jubiläum von Louis

Presenting Louis

Our company has now been in existence for 85 years. Detlev Louis Motorrad-Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH has a long tradition. However, the development and growth of a small Hamburg motorcycle workshop into an international business and Europe's market leader required a lot more than just tradition, and it still does.

We pursue a policy of sustainable growth. A scrupulously intelligent range of goods with excellent value for money, a young and modern organisation, a high-performance logistics centre and well-trained, dedicated employees are the pillars of our success.

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