Product ratings for Saito Brake-Pads Sinter with ABE Different Models

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Life threatening

I gave it 2 stars, as it fits and did not come apart. Other than that it is utter disaster. Even after careful bedding in braking power is very low, needs very high hand force. If you pull the lever all the way in until it touches the handlebar it stops the bike, but itás always gives you a "what happened to my brakes?" feeling. Oh did I mention it gives horroristic scratching grindig sound after a few powerful stops? Also squeaks. Not recommended at all, stay far far away.

Hello Andreas, new brake pads need a little time to adapt to the rough surface of the brake disc. So at first you have a little less brake power then before. Against squeaking use article 10004371. If you can pull the break lever to the handle bar, maybe there is some air in the hydraulic system. With best regards Your Louis team

Written on: 02.06.2018
Date of purchase: 10.04.2018
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