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Top-quality designer items at very reasonable prices. Every item is functional and sturdily made from high-grade materials. Think that's impossible? Think again! The young accessories company magazi successfully combines top quality with reasonable prices, which enthusiastic customer reviews show time and time again. In addition, magazi not only succeeds in developing extravagant designs, but also in making these designs look great on a diverse range of motorbikes: magazi products optimise your machine, while harmonising perfectly with its overall appearance.

Highlights from magazi

Classic, round
magazi mirror with
E approval!

Rating : 2.84 out of 5


These adapters are de-
signed for fitting magazi
mirrors to full fairings!

Rating : 3 out of 5


Universal mirror in
a modern design

Rating : 4.03 out of 5

instead of £35.281


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