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The classic among the oils

The universal oil Ballistol has been manufactured in Germany since 1904. Often described as "miracle oil", Ballistol has shown itself to be extremely versatile and useful for bikers: Rust protection for engine parts, cleaning agent for paintwork and plastics, protection and care for leather, protection against moisture for electrical contacts. Ballistol has even proven itself to this day as wound protection for skin grazes. Yet Ballistol was originally designed as gun oil. Today a range of other products are also marketed under the name Ballistol. We offer those products which are especially attractive to bikers.

Highlights from Ballistol

Universal oil for almost
every job.
240 ml special size

Rating : 5 out of 5


(100 ml = £2.941)

Protects your electrics
Very resilient
Easy to use

Rating : 5 out of 5


(100 ml = £2.201)

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