MOTORRAD Issue 2-2016

"Motorrad" magazine tested 26 motorcycle locks in its 2-2016 issue. The Hartmann Brake Disc Lock was rated "VERY GOOD" and awarded a "BEST BUY" recommendation. The following features were given special mention:

- Fits on virtually all types of brake disc
- Handy textile bag
- Lock is easy to stow away anywhere
- Very secure rotating disc cylinder is virtually impossible to manipulate, even for professionals.
- Hard material, very little access for attack with tools
- Superbly specced, absolutely attack-proof and a very attractive price:
Top-class brake disc lock!

(10 of the products tested were given a "Very Good" rating)

TOURENFAHRER Issue 11-2015

"Tourenfahrer" magazine tested 17 locks in its 11-2015 issue. The Hartmann Brake Disc Lock was awarded a Best Buy recommendation. Verdict:

"Best mechanical security and proof that quality does not have to be expensive."

CUSTOMBIKE Issue 1-2012

In its 1-2012 issue, "Custombike" magazine tested twelve locks. The following features of the Moto Detail Profi-Line were given special mention:

- Bright colour makes it immediately visible
- Faultless locking mechanism
- Lock picking: lock picker failed to crack the lock
- Lock picker's verdict: cannot be opened in a reasonable length of time
and with reasonable effort - Good
- Lock picker's rating: GOOD


"Reise-Motorrad" magazine tested twelve different locks in its 4/2011 issue. The Moto Detail Profi-Line was awarded a Reise-Motorrad "Best Buy" recommendation. The following features were given special mention:

- good signalling effect
- faultless locking mechanism, no chance of incorrect operation
- good quality
- was not broken by a lock pick!!

(Two locks were awarded "Best Buy" recommendations in the test)

2RAEDER Issue 7-2010

"2Räder" magazine tests fifteen different brake disc locks in its 07-2010 issue. The moto-detail U-Lock was rated "VERY GOOD" and voted the TEST WINNER. The following features were given special mention:

- hardened at all the points that really matter
- Abloy system
- Impossible to crack in 5 minutes
- Outstanding product

(out of fifteen locks, 3 were rated "very good" )

TOURENFAHRER Issue 06-2010

A total of 7 brake-disc locks were tested in the Big Motorcycle Lock Test that featured in issue 06/2010 of the well-known magazine "TOURENFAHRER". The moto-detail brake-disc U-lock DL 33 was the only product to be awarded the "TOURENFAHRER BEST BUY" recommendation.

MOTORRAD Issue 7-2010

"Motorrad" magazine tested 19 different motorcycle locks in its issue of 7-2010. The Moto Detail Brake Disc U-Lock was rated "VERY GOOD" and voted the TEST WINNER. The following features were singled out for special mention:

- Impossible to open within 5 minutes, thanks to the security provided by the disc cylinder.

- The lock is hardened at all the points that really matter.

(Four of the 19 locks were rated "very good")



"Solid lock with disc tumbler in the lock cylinder. Easy to use; the relatively narrow shackle, however, requires large holes in the disc mount for fitting. Shackle tips with double ball locking mechanism within the lock. Very good scratch protection for painted or other motorcycle parts. Flush shackle offers virtually no access for bolt cutters or other tools. High-quality yet economical theft protection that can also be used as a chain lock."

MO Issue 03-2003

Extract from the test:

"moto-detail Brake Disc U-Lock... Also ticks all the boxes for internal components: a hardened retaining ring protects the high-quality Abloy disc cylinder; shackle and body are strong enough to resist mechanical attack..."

MOTORETTA Issue 85-2004


  • As usual with moto-detail: top value for money.
  • The colour serves as a reminder.
  • Value-for-money U-locks.
  • Can also be used with a chain.